Raising Kane

Gozo del vivir - J’oie de vivre - A keen enjoyment of living Abstract art uses a visceral and visual language of color, form and line to create a composition that may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. This abstract painting is about friendship and...

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Kauai Beckoning

Awakening, Emerging, Beckoning Inspired by Kauai, Cheryl Johnson captures the beauty of the island in this series. "This is as close to the Garden of Eden as one can find. Magnificent beauty, energy, color and light. The only thing that compares to the beauty of the island is the beauty of...

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Celebration of Spring

Triptych is a work of art which is divided into three sections. This is an original contemporary painting impressively powerful inspired by the colors and feeling of Spring.

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Contemporary – abstract landscape paintings

Cheryl Johnson is an American abstract expressionist painter. Her works are exhibited extensively and are collected worldwide. Cheryl lives and works in Kauai, Hawaii. Her current works show a deep involvement with the expressive impact of color and texture. This latest piece is the first painting in a...

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Pervasive luminosity and color

Cheryl Johnson’s works are marked with an unusual gravitas and resonance; created to evoke emotion and made to contemplate. Her work reveals luminous intervals, individual discoveries and emotional responses. Poised on the edge of far wider recognition and increased visibility Cheryl’s work is collectible and impressive. Cheryl has exhibited her...

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Art Source and Design

artsourceArt Source and Design provides the professional design community of Charlotte with an outstanding resource for original art and custom framing. You will find several of Cheryl's select custom pieces in their showroom. See Cheryl's exciting Celebration of Spring Tryptychs in person. Art availability ranges from art prints to originals on both canvas and paper. Cheryl's work includes, oil, mixed media, sculpture. Art Source and Design a treasure located in the South end of Charlotte offering extensive choices. Added to that there is a selection of mouldings and accessories that is surpassed by none, making it possible to create what is needed to provide the finishing touch to any project.

Art Source & Design
1950 Abbott St., #604
Charlotte, NC 28203
ph 704-344-9736
Contact: Pam & Byron Woehler

See Cheryl’s work at Elder Gallery

Elder Gallery celebrates over a decade of business success with their largest and most diverse exhibition to date. Cheryl Johnson’s work  will be exhibited along with other featured artists who have helped Elder Gallery bring exceptional artwork to the North Carolina. Both Main Gallery and Annex Gallery will display paintings and sculptures.

Featured Work

Making a Painting


Cheryl has moved beyond her earlier photorealist style to a more courageous approach that is part “serendipity and happenstance.”